The Speech Science Podcast

Episode 27: Kristie Knickerbocker, Treatment of Voice

October 25, 2017

Michael McLeod sits down in the fourth chair to verbally joust with Matt and Lucas while Ivan was out on assignment.  Kristie Knickerbocker returns for the sequel to her well received Evaluation of Voice with Treatment of Voice. Bill Gates recently has donated 1.7 billion dollars to help fund new and innovative ways to teach in the classroom.  However, should public education rely on personal donations and contributions to fill the gap?  Are there better ways to balance public and private financing of education?

President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy Devos on Friday October 20th rescinded 72 documents related to special education.  Lucas disagrees with the department’s excuse which was that the articles were out of date.  What will the impact be on students and those that work with them?

Kristie Knickerbocker from A TEMPO Voice Center sits down for part 2 of her trifecta on voice.  This week the treatment of voice disorders in and out of the clinic.  Kristie speaks about the essential tools to carry in your voice treatment kit and how to use them.  The importance of objective data and requesting for appropriate referrals and how it impacts therapy is discussed.  Also, how long should you see a patient? 4, 8, 24 sessions?  Kristie explains her theory and motto behind this.  

Emily Cohen brings another Playing with Purpose to the crew, this time centered around Bath Time.  What are you doing in the bath to promote language? Emily breaks it down for everyone.