The Speech Science Podcast

Episode 25: Vanessa Rentschler, Audiology and ASHA’s CCC vs the AAA, Hearing Aid Distribution, FM systems, Tracking Software for Students, and AOL Ma…

October 10, 2017

Ivan and Matt fly doubles this week.  Ivan continues to make a difference at the preschool in which he works while Matt recovers from a week of therapy by recounting Blade Runner 2049.

The dynamic duo discuss the application of student tracking devices.  The devices can be worn around the wrist, on the shoe, or around the neck.  They are supposed to help families incase a loved one wanders away.  Are there other opportunities that they can be used?

AOL Instant Messenger leaves this mortal plane on December 15.  Over the years, AIM taught the world to text, use emojis, type in short hand, and post cryptic yet truthful away messages.  AIM also gave a voice to the voiceless.  The students or adults who were too afraid or unable to speak naturally found their voices online.  AIM in a way was another form of AAC.  What sort of lasting effects does AIM leave for the future of tech devices for students and adults using AAC?

Vanessa Rentschleder sat down with Lucas to discuss all of the finer points of Audiology.  Discussions of ear cleaning to ear injuries and everything in between.  Vanessa also speaks about why she is a card carrier of both ASHA CCCs and the AAA.  Hearing aid distributers and FM systems and the proper place and purpose are also discussed.   Rate us on iTunes.