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One Year Ago… A look back at how therapy has changed during the year of the Pandemic

March 28, 2021

Matt and Michael are on the show this week while Michelle is in the Great State of Texas.  Michael is celebrating his new 1-month old child in his home and is coming to terms with balancing being a father and a therapist.    Matt and Michael discuss the must needs for a new parent such as the Nose Freeda!  Matt talks about his plans for spring break and working with more adult patients while also handling a young gamer in his home.                       


On today’s show, we look back on the year that was and how everything changed since March of 2020, a new study that shows how valid language samples are online versus in person, the Informed SLP checks in with how modified diets and thickened liquids affect the nutritional status of patients, and the Speech News Headlines.    


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Topic #1: What does therapy look like one year into the pandemic?  The way we look at pragmatic and social language may have to shift as students have been home and are now transitioning back into the world.  What therapy materials have you created or modified that you wont be changing back?     


Topic 2: With the increase in telepractice, how effective are our language samples if done online versus in person?  A recent study states that there is in fact a high reliability and did not differ from in person.  What does this mean for the future of Speech and Language Therapy in hard to get to places?    


The Informed SLP: If you’re a medical SLP, you’ve probably wondered how thickened liquids (TL) and texture modified diets (TMD) affect overall nutritional status. What do you need to know to create a positive change in your setting.





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