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ASHA Election Special

April 11, 2019

Episode 73:  ASHA Election Special

This is a long one.  It’s the ASHA Election Special.  Who do you vote for? Who is running? When is elections?  Elections open up for voting on April 16th.  This episode we go over the individual candidates for the positions of President-Elect, Vice President for Academic Affairs in Audiology, and Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Speech-Language Pathology.  We also offer up an in-depth interview with the candidates for Vice President for Planning: Craig E. Coleman, Kathy Coufal, and Yvette Hyter.  On behalf of Michael, Matthew, and Michelle we apologize if we made any errors when pronouncing names.  If you would like to be interviewed for your position, please email or call below.  Grab some popcorn, take a long drive, and listen as we break down the elections.



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ASHA Elections


President – Elect


Howard Goldstein

Luis Riquelme

A Lynn Williams


Vice President for Academic Affairs in Audiology


Radhika Aravamudhan

Jeffrey DiGiovanni

Julie Honaker


Vice President for Planning


Craig Coleman

Kathy Coufal

Yvette Hyter


Vice President for Standards and Ethics in Speech-Language Pathology

Sharon Moss

Wren Newman

Sherry Sancibrian



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