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Eating and Autism, Driving and Communication, ABA and Abuse, and Sesame Street

July 28, 2019

Michelle returns this week!  The group opens-up about their thoughts on the ASHA Conference and should you bring children?  Matthew, Michael, and Michelle dissect their participation in Facebook groups for speech and language therapy.


What does eating habits have to do with Autism? A recent study states that severe eating habits could be an early sign of Autism.  The group talks about their experiences in this field.  Can you do two or three things at a time?  A student located in the ASHA Journals looked at the link between communication and driving.  How can this knowledge of a decline when doing two things be used to build better therapy trials and sessions? 


What is your experience with ABA?  Some look at ABA as a punishment and some look at it as the key to non-verbal communication.  The group discuss this and how its link may go back to two communication theories.  Lastly, Sesame Street and the Ad Council have worked together to bring more attention to autism. 



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