The Speech Science Podcast

Episode 21: Bob Cunningham, Vice President, Products and Development, Tobii

September 12, 2017

The group recounts their weeks as Matt met Superbubz the first grade who graduated high school, Lucas has made it through the week without wrecking another car, and Ivan continues to do good work in the preschools.  For this week’s topics, the falling sales of Legos as compared to the rise of tablets and the inclusion of eye gaze software into all situations. 


Legos have suffered from the rise of touch screens but they are not going away.  Legos in the therapy room can be a very highly effective tool in working with students with Autism and all students. 


As large tech companies purchase eye gaze software, the opportunities to use them continues to rise.  Lucas offers his take on the use of eye gaze software being able to be used on tablets and home computers. 


This week is also the return for week 3 of Playing With Purpose.  Emily Cohen discusses the importance of outside play for the growth of language and how to use it appropriately including building an out 


Sitting down with Lucas Steuber is Bob Cunningham.  Bob talks about his history with AAC and how he became associated with Tobii.  Bob also describes the future of AAC and Eye Gaze.   When a competitor releases a new product, Bob discusses the response within Tobii.


Lastly, Speech Science supports ASHA’s call to arms to continue funding for early hearing detection in NICUs and deliveries.