The Speech Science Podcast

Episode 28: Kristie Knickerbocker, Discharge of the Voice Patient, Maintenance of good Voice, Voice Acting, and Augmented Reality, and Teal Pumpkins o…

October 31, 2017

Rachel Madel, Talking with Tech Co-Host, sits down and brings her wisdom to the group.  Matt saw the Shinning for the first time ever, Ivan, Lucas, and Rachel discuss their favorite Halloween Movies. 

How well do you know the voices of your favorite movies, tv shows, and video games?  The crew discusses the risks of using your voice as your job.  Also what risks exist for these actors when something goes wrong?

How does things such as augmented reality and virtual reality develop language?  Virtual reality and augmented reality can create a safe space to practice language skills. 

Kristie Knickerbocker from A TEMPO Voice Center sits down for her Return of the Jedi of Voice Podcasts in part 3 discussing the discharge and maintenance of a good voice.    This week, Kristie gives information on how to protect the vocal folds during Halloween and what causes the Halloween workers to lose their voice.  Kristie answers questions about how long should you keep a patient? (Hint, your 12-18 visits is way too long)  What are some good carry over exercises?  Can we bill and keep a patient for maintenance?

Special Thanks to Taco Truck and FreddyKruegerFiles on Instagram for allowing us to use the SlashStreet Boys new song “Slashing Bodies on this Halloween Episode.

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