The Speech Science Podcast

Episode 29: ASHA Convention C0-Chairs Mary Casper and Anita Vereb, Missed Therapy Time, Mandatory Reporting, and Autism in Comics.

November 8, 2017

Kevin English, in charge of the brand new Speech Science Store, joins the crew from out in San Francisco.  The group recounts their weeks as Ivan, Lucas, and Kevin prepare to go to ASHA while Matt prepares for the start of the High School Bowling season that the coaches for. 

What do you do when you cant see your students for therapy time?  In New York, 48,000 students missed part or all of their targeted therapy time.  Do we give too much or not enough therapy time to the students?  When you do you discharge a student from your caseload?

What does being a mandatory reporter mean?  In Michigan, a teacher has been charged with taping a student’s mouth shut while other kids are having their arms handcuffed together.  What causes you to report abuse?

Ivan had the chance to sit down with Mary Casper - ASHA 2017 Convention Co-Chair for Speech-Language Pathology and Anita Vereb, Convention Co-Chair for Audiology.  What does it take to be a Co-Chair?  How long will you plan for a convention?  Ivan’s got all of the answers. 

Lastly, representation in comics is important.  From persons of color to different sexuality, comic books are finding ways to diversify their audiences and the heroes on the page.  Focus, the super hero with autism, comes to represent an underrepresented audience.

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