The Speech Science Podcast

Featuring Melanie Potock. Adventures in Veggieland, High Functioning Autism, and the Power of Oral Care

January 17, 2019

Episode 61: On this week’s episode, the crew dig themselves out of the massive snow storm that swept through the Midwest. Michael discusses his research project on Executive Functioning and Resiliency. Michelle and baby Speech Science work on completing her new licensure in Kentucky after moving across the country. Matt has learned the power of Pokémon. On the show, Matt, Michael, and Michelle discuss the challenges of high functioning Autism. Also, O’Hare Airport has made a fully functional bathroom for travelers with disabilities. Lastly, what’s in a toothbrush and why is Oral Care important? Featured in the interview chair this week is Melanie Potock. Melanie Potock is an SLP and pediatric feeding expert better known to her patients/families as "Coach Mel". She joined Michelle to talk about her new book called Adventures in Veggieland and her experiences as a Speech Language Pathologist. She has a wide variety of experiences as an SLP that led her to her to her work with pediatric feeding. Mel is based out of Denver, Colorado. She has authored three books and speaks internationally, helping children and their families eat healthier.