The Speech Science Podcast

Bullying and Autism, SLP Unions, Depression and Strokes, and Snake Oil

February 1, 2019

Episode 63 finds Matt, Michelle, and Michael braving the Polar Vortex for therapy.  How do you address bullying with students with Autism?  What if the student is bullying?  Where does teasing end and bullying begin?  The link between depression and stroke are higher in female patients than male.  How do you address the mental side of rehab?  SLPs and teachers were on strike last week.  Is it time for SLPs to have a national union?  Sentence diagramming was a major part of education for years.  Now its gone.  Should SLPS focus on sentence diagramming?  Lastly, Matt had a patient bring him an advertisement that looked like a real newspaper article.  Should there be laws addressing this?  Also Happy Birthday to friend of the show and a great researcher, the Informed SLP, Dr. Meredith Harold.