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Awards, Fleetwood Mac and Vocal Damage, Loan Forgiveness, and Autism and the Officers

February 16, 2019

Episode 65: This week the crew continue to make their way towards the end of the school year.  Matt was nominated as chosen as an OSLHA Fellow.  Michael continues to fine tune his research.  Michelle tracks down her licensure.  Are you part of the small percentage that has gotten a loan forgiven?  ASHA has started to help SLPs get loan forgiveness.  Fleetwood Mac Guitarist went in for emergency heart surgery and came out with vocal cord damage.  How common is this?  A Chicago man with autism was almost arrested in a hospital, but instead the officers sang and danced with him. 



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ASHA Fights for Your Right, to Forgive Loans



Fleetwood Mac Guitarist with Vocal Damage



Go Your Own Way



Chicago Man with Autism and the Officers who Helped Him


Striking SLPs


Sign Language and the Town


OSLHA Awards for Matt








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