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Stroke Survivors, Social Media, Social Communication Disorder, and Ronda Rousey

February 23, 2019

Episode 66: The new website has launched. It is and its with the other wonderful shows of the XPN. Matt, Michael, and Michelle worked during their three day weekends. Stroke survivor Rosemary Brown stated she felt lost when she came home from the hospital. What can we do as therapists to aide patients as they transition home? Our scope of practice continues to grow larger and larger, however, are we missing social communication disorders? An ASHA article gives insight how to address this. We post on Twitter, Facebook, and others. But what should or should we not be posting on social media? The baddest woman on earth, Ronda Rousey, sits on top of the WWE title landscape. However, shes been getting “negative heat” over her promos. How does she over come her motor speech disorder?

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