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NICU Dietitian, SLPA Certification, State Representatives, Vocabulary Teachings, and Batman Voice

August 7, 2019

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Matt had tech training at the new school this week and is struggling with the multiple new student systems.  Michelle’s new job has her learning new documentation systems while she is teaching baby signs at home.  In private practice, Michael’s documentation can differ based on the parental needs. 


Sitting down with Michelle this week is NICU Dietitian Martha Ferstl.  Martha works directly with SLPs in the NICU.  She discusses the similarities in our fields and the obstacles she faces on a daily basis.  What is it that a dietian does?  Martha details a time when an MD had to be educated to keep a patient safe when it comes to nutrition.  When should you call on your company’s dietician, Michelle and Martha have the answers.    


ASHA would like to certify SLPAs.  What is the impact on SLPs who hold their CCCs?  Would an influx of SLPAs cause demand to drop and pay to suffer or would it be an appropriate way to self-correct the caseload issues and the need for more therapists?  How far would you go to fight for your patients and families?  An audiologist from Kentucky has stepped into the role of a state representative.  Dr. Deanna Frazier, AuD, CCC-A represents the 81st district in Kentucky.  


There exists a simple and easy way to improve students’ abilities in the classroom.  The key is to teach vocabulary.  A new study has looked at the way we teach vocabulary.  Experimental vocabulary lessons seem to improve vocabulary better than traditional classroom teachings.    If you were to lose your voice tomorrow, who would you want to be the last person you hear?  A young man lost his hearing and one of the last voices he heard was Batman as portrayed by Kevin Conroy. 



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