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Evaluating in Teletherapy, Juvenile Detention and Special Education, Equine Therapy, Games and Vocabulary, and Push-In Therapy

November 9, 2019

The Discord is up and ready for people to interact with the crew 24/7.  Matt questions the ethical concerns of Spookily the Square Pumpkin due to watching Halloween Cartoons too much.  Michael is ramping up for the fall by increasing his pumpkin intake.  Michelle and family prepped for Halloween by having baby Speech Science dress as an Avocado.    Are you making your plans to see the live taping at ASHA?  Head over to for more information to see the crew live in Florida. 


Teletherapy looks to be the future of speech and language pathology.  What is the best way to handle the increase and demands?  Michelle sat down with Kristin Martinez from PresenceLearning for a 3 part interview diving into the nuts and bolts of Teletherapy.  This week on part 1, they discuss the ways to orchestrate evaluations using Teletherapy.   Kristin Martinez is the head of Clinical Standards and Outreach at PresenceLearning.


Students with disabilities or who receive special education services are more at risk for Juvenile Detention.  Would an increase in early intervention help to lower the risk of students ending up here?    Equine Therapy is a new approach for speech and language therapy and other related services.  A study in Nebraska looks at its positive affects for students on the spectrum. 


Increases in vocabulary have shown an increase in language growth and reading comprehension, but could we grow vocabulary through games alone?  A recent student looked at this exact topic and the games through Vocabulary. Com.  There are multiple ways to see your students in the school setting and Push-In may be the most desirable.  However, only half of studied SLPs serve less than 25% of their students in a push-in model. 




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