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Finding Your Voice, Vaccines and Autism, Blocks or Batteries, and Dementia and TV

March 12, 2019

Episode 69: Finding Your Voice, Vaccines and Autism, Blocks or Batteries, and Dementia and TV


On this week’s episode, Matt has returned from OSLHA with the fellow of the association award, Michael’s study moves forward, and Michelle returns to her passion in volleyball.  Joining the trio this week is Dr. Tiffany Hogan of SAIL.  They discuss the importance of having a voice that matches the AAC or Communication device user.  The largest study to look at the potential link between the measles vaccine and autism found that there is no link.  Batteries or bricks?  How do we grow brain power?  The answer may be in the simple objects for children and 7 hobbies to help the adult brain.  Lastly, how much TV is too much TV?  Could watching TV for 3 and half hours a day result in lower brain power? 



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BBC One, The One Show: Finding My Voice

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Rupal Patel



Vaccines and Autism



Blocks and Batteries


Hobbies to Make You Smarter


TV and Dementia


ASHA 21 Day Challenge



Dr. Tiffany Hogan




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