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Kristin Martinez and Teletherapy, Structural Changes in the Brain, PDPM and Dysphagia, Switches and Communication, and Stem Cell Grown Larynx

November 17, 2019

The Discord is up and ready for people to interact with the crew 24/7. Matt, Michael, and Michelle jump right into the topics this week as they prep the week before ASHA. Are you making your plans to see the live taping at ASHA? Head over to for more information to see the crew live in Florida.


Teletherapy looks to be the future of speech and language pathology. What is the best way to handle the increase and demands? Michelle sat down with Kristin Martinez from PresenceLearning for a 3 part interview diving into the nuts and bolts of Teletherapy. This week on part 2, they discuss what therapy looks like and general questions about Teletherapy. Kristin Martinez is the head of Clinical Standards and Outreach at PresenceLearning.


Screen based media has risen many concerns in the realm of therapy and parenting.  The risks of increased ADHD or language deficits have always been a concern but now a study from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital shows structural differences caused by screen time.    PDPM is back in the news, again.  If your patient has a modified diet, you will get more funding.  What strains does this put on a therapist in a SNF?  Could there be more pressure to put someone on a modified diet and they don’t need it?


An SLP taught her dog to communicate using switches.  Matt dives into why he doesn’t like the way switches or buttons are used in therapy and the crew discuss better ways to use them with a purpose.  Science continues to push bar and some days it feels like science fiction versus science facts.  A group of scientists have grown a Larynx using a persons stem cells.  Lastly, Speech and Language Pathology is listed as a top paying job where you don’t have to work 40 hours, fact or fiction? 




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