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Over Reliance on Standardized Assessment and ABA Encroachment

October 14, 2020

After taking a month off in celebration of Matt’s new daughter the crew returns with episode 127.  Therapy conversations are happening in the group’s discord, jump in and let your voice be heard.  Matt talks about bringing his daughter home from the NICU and jumps into the Hot take about failures in paperwork that happened in the NICU.  He also found the magic word when discussing charting mistakes in the hospital that will get you answers, a root cause analysis.   Michael has more mask to mask therapy and has seen his teletherapy numbers begin to decline. He also discusses the evolution of his speech therapy room from a multi-use room to a dedicated space.  Michelle has completed her move to a new place .7 miles away from the previous place.  Michelle enjoyed the weekend by taking the family across stateliness to visit a local farm.           


On today’s show, we discuss ethical or unethical encroachment of ABA into the realm of the SLP and we discuss the over reliance on standardized assessments.  This week’s Informed SLP looks at how daily cognition training can keep the doctor away.  We also look at our SSPOD Shoutouts and Due Process.  


The Discord is up and ready for people to interact with the crew 24/7 with a new website,

SSPOD Shoutout: Do you know an SLP who deserves a digital fist bump or shout out?  We want to know your #SSPODSHOUTOUT, which is recognition for someone doing something awesome somewhere.  Dr. Heidi Alaskary has been named the lead co-chair for the T20 Task Force 6 on economy, employment and education in the digital age.       


SSPOD Due Process:  Do you have a complaint or need to vent, then you want to participate in the #SSPODDUEPROCESS. This week, an anonymous listener asked why are therapists only using standardized assessment in decision making?  Matt, Michael, and Michelle dive into the diagnostic triangle and the importance or lack of importance of using only a standardized score to make decisions.  Matt talks about how he has added more in depth reporting and multiple standardized and not-standardized assessments which has caused his reports to swell to 10-16 page reports for and ETR (3 year re-evaluation). 


Topic #1:    Researchers look to have identified a possible genetic link for stuttering and a potential link to dopamine receptors.  The next step is to trial a synthetic dopamine drug.  What impact does this have on therapy and does this mean we are just treating the symptoms of dysfluency?  

The Informed SLP: Engaging in cognitive training every day may keep the doctor away!. Basak and colleagues found that cognitive training was equally effective in enhancing cognitive functioning in healthy adults and adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).


ASHA Spotlight: With ASHA Canceling its convention this year, the crew discuss future locations and the impact location will have on attendance. 




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